A vision for Nature

Elevating the status of Nature

Our ambition is to elevate the status of Nature at the United Nations by creating a State of Nature. In addition to this, we recognize Rights of Nature as a key global legal movement, instrumental in preserving and restoring the health of Nature for future generations.

What is Rights of Nature?

Inspired by the original Indigenous worldview, a global movement is currently underway to recognize that nature is not mere property, but instead has inherent rights, such as a forest’s right to health or a river’s right to flow. Ecuador first made history by recognizing the Rights of Nature in its Constitution only 12 years ago.

What is a Funders Circle?

A funders network, or “circle,” is created by grantmakers in order to financially support common interests and scale collective impact.

Insights for Success

Earth Law Center reached out to dozens of funders networks and philanthropists and spoke with many of them about the Legal Rights for Nature Funders Circle.

Most or all of them were extremely enthusiastic about the idea. This step has been crucial to “ground truth” our research within the funding community.

A Theory of Change

The ultimate goal of the Legal Rights for Nature Funders Circle is to establish fundamental rights for Nature at the local, national, and international levels worldwide.

A Seat for Nature

A seat at the negotiation table means the ecosystems that support life and our shared prosperity are represented and environmental concerns are taken into consideration as much as political and economic ones.


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