Support Grassroots Leaders! Help us empower a network of grassroots advocates and organisations with proven solutions but limited resources. High return on impact upon efficient funding solutions. Join a powerful network of advocates for the Rights of Nature with an outreach that only collaboration can achieve. Together, we can make basic rights for Nature a global reality.

Access Comprehensive Resources

Learn about cutting-edge trends in the Rights of Nature movement, with an emphasis on high-impact and under-the-radar projects.

Engage a Powerful Network

Join veteran practitioners, experts, and newcomers alike as we work together to build the Rights of Nature movement into an undeniable force.

Support Replicable Models

The Funders Circle emphasizes replication to scale. By joining, you will support the advancement of winning legal models across the world.

Be Innovative

Be part of an innovative group of funders and practitioners pushing for bold and systemic reform to society’s treatment of Nature.

Join Events

Connect with like minded individuals at in-person and online events featuring leaders in the field.

Be Informed

Remain up to date on the challenges and opportunities shaping Rights of Nature philanthropy through our newsletters, publications, and other services.

Multiply Your Impact

Collaborate with other funders who share your same priorities and will pool resources towards a common goal.


Any eligible institution can become a member of the Funders Circle if they support our mission, formally requested membership, and pay the dues.

+ Grantmaking institutions
+ Individual philanthropists
+ Philanthropic consultancy, support, advisory, or hosting organizations
+ Grantmaker affinity groups or donor networks

Members fees at the time of year best aligned with their own funding cycles. We prefer three years of payment made upfront, although annual payments are an option, as well. If the rates listed do not work for you or if you are interested in a different type of membership, please contact us.

We will begin accepting contributions in January 2022

Membership Tiers

The Grassroots Funders Circle has different membership tiers. It also accepts donations without membership benefits.

membership type

Earth Ally

suggested dues $10,000+ per year
benefits (cumulative)

Support one region

Normal logo placement

membership type

Earth Advocate

suggested dues $25,000+ per year
benefits (cumulative)

Support multiple regions

Prominent logo placement

membership type

Earth Defender

suggested dues $60,000+ per year
benefits (cumulative)

Lead an issue-oriented group
e.g. litigation or movement building

Named sponsor at events

membership type

Earth Champion

suggested dues $125,000+ per year
benefits (cumulative)

Special acknowledgment at gatherings

Opportunities to speak with press

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